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Challenging fears

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Challenging fears

Rachel felt very fearful. Her fears affected her every day and made the running of her business much harder than it needed to be. She had tried ignoring her fears, but ignoring something takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t go away.

During the course of the Flourish programme, Rachel learned a number of techniques to tackle her anxiety and address her fears and her worst-case scenarios.

She says of her first breakthrough, “During one session, I had this brainwave about being scared, not because of what's going to happen, but because I don't have solutions for those things that might happen.”
Rachel now confidently says to herself, “Well, it hasn't happened yet. However, if it does, this is what I'm going to do. And immediately I feel much better.”

Another significant breakthrough for Rachel came when, instead of trying to ignore her inner critic, she was encouraged to pay it more attention and she became aware of just how much her critical inner voice was putting pressure on her and stopping her from being who she wanted to be. She felt this critical voice was overpowering her, both in her business and in her personal life.

Rachel’s efforts at ignoring her critical inner voice had masked the fact that it was controlling her in all that she did.

Rachel says, “We dug really deep to identifying who was talking and I was able to really narrow it down to what my inner critic looked like, how she sounded, the clothes that she was wearing, and it all boiled down to a scared little schoolgirl version of myself that just needed comforting. And it just it blew my mind! Now when I hear her, I know I can face to her. I use this technique all the time.”

Rachel has taken control of her fears and if she feels any residual fear, she knows exactly what to do about it.

Furthermore, she says fearlessly, “And I don't have to explain myself to anybody.”

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Rachel' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

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