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About Lorna

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Re-energise your creative business journey: Meet Lorna Thomas, your catalyst for business success

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Lorna Thomas, a seasoned business coach and mentor who has had a ‘portfolio career’, from corporate roles to agency work and even leading adventurous holidays.


However, the essence of my journey lies in the impactful experiences of running my own garden design business – a venture that reshaped my understanding of entrepreneurship and business.

Why choose me?

I bring to the table a rich tapestry of learning from my various roles, and making almost every mistake in running my own business. As a creative small business owner, I understand the unique challenges that creatives face when navigating the intricate and complicated path of business development and growth.

Having walked the tightrope of overwhelm and emerged from the shadows of burnout, I understand the true cost of such struggles. Closing my garden design business after seven years was a pivotal moment, allowing me to glean insights into best practices and innovative solutions for the challenges we encounter in today's demanding economic climate.


Having requalified as a business coach, I founded Be The Best You In Business, dedicating over four years to guiding creative business owners in reshaping their perspectives and strategies and building confidence for sustainable business growth.

Unlock your potential with my guidance

I offer you more than just business coaching; I provide a transformative experience through mentoring and small-group workshops. Engage in constructive, powerful conversations that redefine your business outlook. With my guidance, you will implement practical and pragmatic techniques to tackle issues you’re facing, ensuring accountability for your actions.


You’ll feel more than just heard; you’ll feel understood, supported, re-energised, and empowered to make lasting changes. 


You’ll change how you approach your business, re-connect with your passion for your work and better understand how you are going to achieve your ambitions.

What sets my approach apart?

Every interaction is live, not pre-recorded, and tailored to your unique business needs. 


The tools and techniques I employ are not just theoretical. We implement them together, ensuring practical and pragmatic applications to have immediate impact on your business.

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You’ll develop a better understanding of who you are (your core values, motivational traits, strengths etc.) which means you can build a better business that really suits you and how you work to best effect, while growing your confidence as a business owner and entrepreneur. 


In this journey with me, it's not just about surviving; it's about thriving, creating, and evolving and having fun along the way.! Let's unlock the extraordinary potential within your creative business and redefine your success together.

Lorna's credentials

  • Qualified Life & Business Coach (Personal Performance Coaching Diploma - Distinction - from The Coaching Academy, which is affiliated to the International Coaching Federation).


  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

  • Member of the Association of NLP.

  • DISC Accredited Practitioner.


  • Qualified garden designer with two award-winning gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Shows 2006 and 2007. 


  • Business studies degree, (major in marketing).

  • Market Research Diploma.

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About Lorna Thomas Ltd 


Be The Best You In Business is part of Lorna Thomas Ltd, my own private limited company. Established in January 2003. 

Company number 04645555.   

Be The Best You In Business is covered by a Professional Insurance Policy provided by Holistic Insurance.

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