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Be The Best You
In Business
and flourish!

Feeling stuck in your creative business?

Dreaming of taking it to the next level but it’s all a bit overwhelming?

You're not alone.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a fresh-faced start-up, Be The Best You In Business is here to help you unlock your full potential and transform your business into a flourishing success story.
Let's ditch the doubt and define your destiny together.

Ready to flourish?

Work with me

One-to-one and group coaching programmes to help you flourish...

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Flourish in business: 10 hours to get clarity, focus and growth

A package of one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions

Flourish Hothouse  logo on white.png

Flourish in 4 months: Grow your business and your confidence

A programme of one-to-one coaching and mentoring plus live, small group workshops  

Nurturing creative businesses

Every business starts as a small seed, full of potential but needing the right care to blossom. At Be The Best You In Business, I’m passionate about nurturing creative businesses like yours, no matter what stage you're at.

Illustration of joyful woman celebrating her creative ideas

From acorn to oak, I'll guide you through areas of your business like; strategic planning, systems and processes, leadership development, and other growth-focused solutions that will help you build a sustainable and impactful business. But much more than that, I’ll work with you to build your confidence to be the best at what you do in business.

Here are some statistics...


Between 2020 and 2021: 390,000 businesses failed (money, 2023)


20% of new businesses will close their doors within 12 months (Telegraph, 2019)


60% of new businesses will go under within three years (Telegraph, 2019)

These failure stats can cast a big shadow, but what they don't reveal is the incredible power of resilience and strategy. You're not bound by statistics – you're the author of your own business destiny! Let's create a roadmap that fuels your creative spark and build your confidence to propel your business towards persistent growth.

The odds are yours to improve.

Here's what my clients say...

"The hardest thing is starting. And overthinking.

Do not consider it a weakness that you need help in business. It shows more strength to put your hand up and say, ‘I need help’.

Just do it because what you're going to get back from the programme are the tools that are going to guide you for years to come – and I’m talking business and life skills.


There are skills I’ve learned here that have changed my life. Just do it and DO IT!"

Rachael B, Kent

Ready to start?

Let's flourish together: With professional business coaching and mentoring

Make confident decisions, take purposeful actions, and watch every moment invested drive your business towards growth with expert business coaching and mentoring.

It's time to flourish, not just survive, with the support of a seasoned business coach.

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