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Common Challenges

Does this sound familiar?

You're drowning in a sea of emails, overwhelmed by marketing decisions, and constantly battling the feeling of not having enough time or resources?

You're not alone.


The path of a creative small business owner is paved with both incredible opportunities and inevitable hurdles. But don't worry, we're not here to dwell on the negatives.

We're here to shine a light on some of the most common challenges that you may resonate with, and more importantly, reassure you of the reasons why you should consider employing the services of a business coach to offer coaching, mentoring, and solutions to help you navigate these challenges, with confidence to build a thriving business.

Running your own business is tough!

Starting and running your own business is far harder than being an employee. This could be the riskiest venture you’ve ever embarked upon - where’s the safety net?

You do get to decide exactly what you are going to do – a perk and a risk – and if you're focusing your efforts on the wrong things, you are wasting time, effort and money.

It’s personal. Failure is a very real spectre and looks like extreme stress and, possibly. burnout, loss of money, dissolving your business and going back to get a regular job.

It's time to identify the pitfalls and embrace the solutions:

Are you making these common mistakes?


Neglecting creative and strategic business planning


Lacking in-depth market research but comparing yourself to others and feeling like an imposter


Struggling with effective marketing and sales strategies


Avoiding or refusing to target a niche audience


Avoiding or ignoring customer feedback


Poor financial management


Poor work / home life balance

These challenges stem from:


Short-term thinking (and a focus on short term action-taking rather than strategic thinking)


Lots of procrastinating

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Poor prioritisation (because you have no clarity of direction)


And a need for control (often with a focus on what other people are doing)


Repeating the same mistakes which will compound limiting beliefs and reduce your confidence and cost you time, energy and money


And you'll be ‘leaving money on the table’ left, right and centre which will only increase your financial pressures.

Chart your course to success: Business growth strategies and mentoring with a business coach

In a nutshell you need to focus on:


Strategy - bigger, better quality strategic thinking, decision making, goal setting and action planning


Systems and process so you don’t drown in work that doesn’t make a difference to your business


What you are thinking, feeling and doing personally that’s holding you back from being successful.

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Frankly, just surviving in business is not enjoyable or rewarding.

For all the effort involved in running and growing your business, surely you want to flourish?

Speak to me, Lorna Thomas, Business Growth Coach and Mentor for creative small business owners, and let’s get you excited about your next steps for your business growth.

Let's flourish together: With professional business coaching and mentoring


Make confident decisions, take purposeful actions, and watch every moment invested drive your business towards growth with expert business coaching and mentoring.

It's time to flourish, not just survive, with the support of a seasoned business coach.

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