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Flourish Programme

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The Flourish Hothouse: 

A programme of one-to-one coaching and mentoring plus live, small-group workshops  

Flourish in 4 months: Grow your business and your confidence.

Over-busy, overwhelmed and stuck?

Finding it hard to prioritise, procrastinating or self-sabotaging? 


Feeling like an imposter?

The Flourish Hothouse is your 4-month path to clarity, focus, and confidence as a creative business owner.

Join for:


Bespoke one-to-one coaching: tailored to YOU


Action-packed, live Zoom workshops: learn and grow with peers as you implement practical and pragmatic techniques there and then


Supportive community: share and connect with like-minded business owners

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Ditch the overwhelm / self-sabotage / feeling like you’re not good enough and build your dream:​​


Understand what really motivates you


Tackle limiting beliefs, mind scams and fears


Develop a different relationship with your inner critic


Build your resilience and confidence


Understand how you can get the best out of yourself and how you can create a business to suit who you are


Mastermind your priorities


Make great decisions


Understand how you can achieve your goals


Be accountable for your actions

Start now - flexible sessions - join anytime.

Limited spots. What's your opportunity cost of waiting?

Bonus: More surprises inside the Flourish Hothouse.

Unleash your confidence and get growing!

Stuck in a world of self-doubt – what should you be doing next, are you even good enough?

Break free with The Flourish Hothouse coaching, mentoring and small-group workshop programme, where building confidence is the key to unlocking your business potential.


Ditch the imposter syndrome, rewrite your inner critic's script, and kiss self-sabotage goodbye.

I will equip you with the unstoppable mindset and skills to turn your plans into reality.

No more wasted energy, procrastination's trap, or overwhelm's crushing weight. Run your business at peak performance, fuelled by a laser-sharp focus and driven by purpose.

Plant the seeds today:

Schedule your free breakthrough call and watch your business flourish.

“I wish this course had been available to me in my 20's so I could have learnt then what I know now. It would have saved me many frustrating years trying to achieve and not quite ever getting there.

But now I have done this course I can finally enjoy the rewards of my dreams and feel proud about myself again.”

- Fiona

"Lorna and I had a review session recently and it was a real Aha! moment to realise where I had got.


My dream of having a business, being able to be at home more and meeting my financial goals is actually happening, and without making the sacrifices I’d expected!"

- Anna

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