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Don’t stop dreaming; dealing with very real business challenges

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Don’t stop dreaming; dealing with very real business challenges

Pia runs a successful import and distribution business to retailers in South Africa and, following a move to the UK, was looking to establish a similar business here. Following Pia’s long-term success in South Africa, she was extremely optimistic about transferring her knowledge and skills to the UK market.

When Pia signed up for Flourish coaching, she was completely overwhelmed by the difficulties she was facing in even getting her new business off the ground.

“I had really high expectations, and I also thought coaching with Lorna would get my business going immediately... I have since learned a lot more about the UK market, and how I choose to deal with the challenges it presents.”

Pia had become quite anxious when dealing with her UK business development and was spending a lot of her time doing displacement activities, putting off more important work.

“One of the best things I have learned from Lorna is how to breakdown my anxiety. Because I’m a one-woman-band in the UK, I am often getting out of my comfort zone - such as being on a stand at trade shows - so I use this technique quite a lot and it’s fantastic! I’ve taught this technique to my daughter too!”

The lack of quick success meant that Pia had had her confidence knocked and she struggled to acknowledge her strengths or take credit for her achievements even in her South African business, which she continued to run from the UK. We explored constructive techniques to analyse Pia’s self-criticism and...

“This helped me hugely. Now I never call myself ‘a bad salesperson’! I am kinder to myself and these days I acknowledge my efforts by riding horses – not as an occasional guilty pleasure to avoid work, but as a real reward I feel I deserve.”

Regular coaching sessions and someone to hold her to account helped Pia regain her focus and prioritise...

“I have a routine, so instead of allowing myself to be distracted, I focus and break things up into chunks that I can manage. I’ve been able to get rid of all the noise. I am definitely more productive.”

Pia had found there was a lot for her to worry about, so we investigated what she could and couldn’t control in the UK and South African businesses...

“Now I always ask myself, can I do something about? Is it something I can fix? And if it's not, then I just have to let it go. The result is that I do feel much more in control.
I am still hopeful about the prospects for my UK business, and I have also been able to use this time in the UK as an opportunity to grow my South African business.
I don’t stop dreaming. I am thankful and I am proud of what I have achieved, and I’m owning my achievements!”

A surprise benefit for Pia from her new ways of thinking has been outside of her work...

“I’ve even started being in the moment more. I was watching my grandson play football the other day, football isn’t my thing and normally I'd be stressing about other things, but I actually ended up really enjoying it because I was just in the moment!”

And a last word from Pia about the cost versus benefits of her coaching experience...

“The coaching was an investment for me at a time when the exchange rate made it quite expensive. But it has been completely worth it as Lorna has got me to think about things in a different way, without the navel gazing that you get when you're in therapy, and I love how we focus on the present and the future. I would chat to Lorna every week, as I always feel super motivated after our sessions.”

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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