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Finding the power to succeed rather than fail ‘again’

Illustration of a woman flexing her biceps and saying "I can do it!"
Finding the power to succeed rather than fail ‘again’

Emma had a track history of failing to stick at any job for more than a couple of years. When she left her last employed role, she was determined to fulfil her passion and dream of being a self-employed health and fitness coach and become her own boss, in charge of her own time.

But Emma had history and had already set up her own health and fitness business eight years before. After the initial buzz and the novelty wore off, Emma found herself panicking about financial security and, instead, jumped ship into a job at her local gym that didn’t reflect her post-graduate qualifications or extensive skills. And while employment did bring a regular wage, she found it unfulfilling and confidence-sapping.

So, this time Emma was determined to see it through and got the support of a health and fitness franchise. However, she was still anxious that she would ultimately slip into her pattern of starting out with all-guns-blazing, lots of enthusiasm and mojo, only to sabotage herself and throw it all away again. So she joined the Flourish programme.

“Lorna enabled me to completely offload. I had worked with another coach before and she had specific objectives for each session, but this was different and Lorna’s agenda was about me, and this meant I felt I could be authentic and real.”

Given the pressure to make a quick success of her new business, we started with a deep dive into Emma’s values...

“We looked at my work history and established my most important values, and I found it interesting to see why I had done things, like my need for structure that had made me apply for jobs that I didn't really want. However, my need for structure also led me to the franchise business and that is reassuring to know.”

Using coaching tools and techniques to shape powerful conversations with other participants in the workshops, Emma has transformed her belief in herself and her capabilities:

“I realised that I’m not necessarily destined for failure. I’m not always a clumsy, disorganised liability like I was led to believe as a child. I have in fact been successful on repeated occasions in the past, I have been organised and have turned up on time and understand that I have done and am doing some things really well. I have succeeded and achieved before, and I have done that all on my own with no support from anyone. It helped to shift my thinking and to understand it was time let go of any unhelpful childhood experiences.”

And this led to Emma’s biggest takeaway from the Flourish programme...

I’ve had this negative unconscious script going on all my life, so now rather than thinking, “Oh, I'll fail, or things could go well but then I might screw up it all up”, I realise that the ball is in my court, and I don't have to screw it all up. I can make it work. I believe I can make it succeed.”

And Emma's growing self-worth is showing up in all sorts of ways...

“In developing my business, there have been so many things to do that are outside of my comfort zone and that make me feel vulnerable. But I’ve learnt to stick with it, and I no longer compare myself to others in quite the same negative way. Now I’m even doing Facebook Lives and video workouts.”

And to sum it all up, Emma says:

“I feel much more positive than where I was before. The Flourish programme has helped me with grounding myself, finding myself and believing in myself.
I got sustenance from Lorna and feel fortified by the Flourish programme, and I now believe I can make my business a success.”

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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