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Masquerading as a success? Dealing with imposter syndrome

Illustration of an unconfident woman standing to the left of a door and on the other side of the door the same woman is confident and award winning
Masquerading as a success? Dealing with imposter syndrome

Marian is a successful business owner who had already worked with a business coach to evolve and develop her company. To make good on the investment, Marian put herself under huge pressure to see the changes through.

However, instead of making the changes, she made herself very “busy” and procrastinated about everything because she felt like an imposter.

Using techniques to explore the purpose of Marian’s procrastination, we discovered that not all the changes in her work and life were being initiated by her or completely within her control, and how this pace of change, as well as fear of failure and fear of success, had impacted her confidence.

I used a variety of confidence-building techniques, to help Marian feel highly authentic and credible in her work.

During the sessions we also worked with techniques to help Marian prioritise activities in her work and personal life to help her to quickly and clearly determine what were the most important things for her to achieve.

Marian has now boldly implemented the business changes and has seen her turnover more than double, which in turn has boosted her confidence still further.

Marian says. "I feel calm and confident and can think clearly in my work and personal life. And for the first time in years I am able relax when I am not working."

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Marian' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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