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Taking on difficult change

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Taking on difficult change

Maggie was going through a particularly difficult time in her personal and professional life, facing challenges on both fronts. She wanted to make big changes in her personal life as well as develop professionally in order to better assist her clients.

She felt conflicted and fearful and as a result she procrastinated, focused on the easier, less important things and felt extremely overwhelmed.

Maggie had already done a lot of personal development so had a high level of self-awareness, but the work that we did around her values was...

“...a massive eye opener... and it was mind blowing for me! Discovering my driving values was fundamental. I had been blocking my two most important values. Given the changes I wanted to make, not acknowledging them would have sent me into a panic with very different results to what I have now. Now I know that I can't walk faster than the slowest part of me, and that’s OK! … that was tremendous learning.”

Maggie’s increased self-awareness and understanding around why we do the things we do, “basically becoming very much aware of where your mind is going” has also had a ”ripple effect in how I can communicate with my children” which became even more important in dealing with personal life changes and the impact on her family.

“Everything is so clear, there's no hidden agenda in our communication. And if I overstep the line and involve my daughter too much, or say too much, she's learned to say “No, that's not mine” and I am able to take that. So this is tremendous, and really, really healthy for us all.”

The work that we did around procrastination helped Maggie recognise...

“...that procrastination is fear of the next stage. I have the tools to convert my intention to action, but I am also reassured that I am exactly where I need to be right now.”

Maggie developed the insight and clarity to make tough life-changing decisions and to see them through to achieve the best possible outcome for herself and those around her.

“Overall, the person I am today is different to one that started the programme with Lorna. She helped me a lot in a very, very, very traumatic time to filter out what's yours – the things you can take control of over. It was a sort of MOT for how to deal with life when things are not quite going the way you wanted to go, but also understanding your role in it.”

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Maggie' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

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