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Rediscovering, reimagining and redefining who I am

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Rediscovering, reimagining and redefining who I am

Ruth joined the Flourish programme because she was feeling overwhelmed, lost and fearful. She didn’t know which way to go next in her work, or even where to start. Given where Ruth was at, a Values Discovery Session - as part of the one-to-one coaching in the Flourish programme, was a priority.

“Finding out my core values was revolutionary for me, helping me to recognise what is important to ME. Not what other people or organisations tell me is important to me.
And I had forgotten how critical to me having fun was. Following my values session with Lorna, I decided I was going to dig out some clothes what I’d worn when I felt more fun and expressive. Finding my dress style again created a real shift. It was extraordinary tapping into that identity and suddenly realising, ‘Wow! I can be who I want to be!’

Furthermore, by applying her core values to her work and life everyday, Ruth’s confidence has been boosted in other ways:

“I judge almost everything I do at work against my values. It is really freeing to recognise what I am going to be brilliant at and what I am going to be awful at. It not only changed how I work but has given me great confidence: this is my zone, and this is not my zone.”

This realisation, and a new understanding of the power Ruth has over the choices she makes means:

“I choose different outcomes. I can choose stress and anxiety in the middle of the night, or I can choose to go back to sleep. Lorna introduced me to a technique to reduce anxiety and worrying and now I sleep so well; it's magic!”

The Flourish programme includes live, interactive workshops with other women and Ruth found it to be “hugely beneficial to be around other women”.

“The lockdowns and working from home were isolating. And it also impacted my sense of who I am a little bit. So, listening to other women’s stories. and receiving their huge support was amazing. And this helped me to open up and unblock my thinking to new and different ideas.
Lorna has created, and gently leads, this amazing community of support. And we are all instrumental in each other’s growth.”

Practising proven techniques in the workshops meant that Ruth experienced their benefit first hand and could put them into practise again whenever she needed them:

“There are confidence exercises, which I still do, that made a big difference to how I walk into my day. If I come out of a really bad meeting and feel deflated, I stand with my hands on my hips and do a ‘superhero’! The way I carry myself is so important to my confidence. And I’ve shared this with my friends, it’s so good!”

Ruth also had an epiphany when exploring her DISC personality profile with Lorna:

“Oh my word, DISC! I had been hard on myself in the past for wanting to lead and get results, but also wanting to nurture people. I saw this as contradictory, which meant I was often second-guessing myself. Now instead I'm really excited about this combination of personality traits.”

It is clear that the benefits that Ruth is now experiencing, impact her work and life in general:

“I am more assertive in my communications with others in work and my personal life. I don’t have to accept or take on board personal things that others say to me, and I am able to remove the tension that might have been there before. I feel a lot lighter and more generous in the way I relate to others because I'm in a good space.”

In summing up, Ruth says,

“My expectations of the Flourish programme were exceeded, and with lots of pleasant surprises along the way. The components of the workshops and the coaching sessions - all the different pieces - suddenly started to link together. My life is now a wonderful adventure, and the world is no longer a big scary place: it's my playground.
I would thoroughly recommend this journey of exploration. It’s a personal adventure and, now that we are slightly older women, it’s about choosing our contribution to society and our legacy - and to live life in full colour!”

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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