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Start-up business confidence: Nurturing the confidence to say ‘no’ as well as ‘yes ’

Smiling woman with arms folded in a calm, confident pose while her inner self  flexes her muscles
Having the confidence to build her kind of business

When she joined the Flourish programme, Charlie was an acupuncturist starting up her new business while also working in an employed role.

“I was looking for someone sensible to support me launching my business, having very little business experience myself.
I chose to work with Lorna because of her background in business. A lot of people claim to be experts, but they haven’t actually done it. This felt much more genuine and real. And Lorna was really interested in me and my business.
She’s qualified and transparent and very clear about how we would work together. I felt the programme would give me structure with flexibility.”

Having an employed role meant that Charlie’s time for her own business was tight, and she knew she needed to allow time for delivery and for working on her business development. It was critical to develop a business that suited Charlie and her circumstances...

“There was lots of personal development included in the Flourish programme, which is so important when your business is just you.
And knowing who you are when you’re starting your business is really important - having found out what my core values are, I have been using these a lot and I check in with them to tell me if something is right or wrong for me or the business.
And the time restrictions on my business are definitely helping me be more choosy about what I focus my attention on.”

It is very easy as a solo-business owner to feel isolated and to make comparisons with others who you perceive might be better or more successful than you...

“There are so many ‘shoulds’ online it’s easy to start to feel like a failure. I didn’t feel like that with Lorna. I still feel like I’m making progress.
In the workshops I could listen to other people’s experiences and feelings – it is less isolating to know others are thinking along the same lines.
Lorna curates the space with the right people. This really helped influence me about who I want to work with on my terms.”

Early on, Charlie established a referral partnership, and this kick-started her business and presented her with a wide range of clients to treat. This has been a great experience to inform Charlie about the kind of healthcare issues she enjoys working with.

“A real aha! moment was, although it took me ages to grasp niching and messaging and what this might mean for me and my business, I’m really getting there. And whilst it’s work-in-progress, I am expecting this to add to my confidence in attracting new clients I love working with.
It’s given me the confidence to say ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’ to opportunities.”

So, as a start-up business, does Charlie look to the future with confidence?

“I have a much better sense of who I am and how this connects to my business and who I want to work with in business. And I’ve accepted that I’ll have slower growth due to personal circumstances, but I’m OK with that.
My diary is currently full, and I believe I will be able to grow my business. I know where I am heading, and I have a deadline. And I’ve definitely got the confidence.”

And how has the Flourish programme matched up to Charlie’s expectations?

“Lorna has set up a unique approach of one-to-one conversations and group workshops and they each reinforce the other. It’s a really personalised approach and this combination feels like a key part of me growing and having success. And I love that I can repeat the workshops!”

And does Charlie think the Flourish programme has been worth it?

“As a start-up this felt like a lot of money at a time when money was tight but is has been worth every single penny. This has been absolutely worthwhile. I’d had coaching in the past and been burned, so I came to this programme with some trepidation, but I’d definitely do the Flourish programme again and I’d encourage others to just do it!
Lorna is an awesome person and lovely to work with. She really listens and she’s warm, friendly and so helpful.”

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Charlie' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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