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Angela B, London

"I cannot recommend Lorna Thomas highly enough. I was working so hard, full-time and freelance, as well as running a business, when I started meeting Lorna, that my time to think about myself and my future had become very limited and it was hard to stand back, analyse information and make important decisions, let alone act on them.


I decided to work with Lorna and I am so glad I did. In the little time I had available, I needed to be really focused and Lorna listened very attentively and provided me with excellent, gentle direction to help me efficiently navigate my thinking. She enabled me to focus on personal values I had not considered before and helped me better understand patterns in my behaviour, which empowered me to make better decisions, which in turn brought me along the right path.


The flexibility of the programme gave me the time I needed to process the new ideas I was developing, naturally apply what I was learning and better understand myself. My world has changed very much for the better since Lorna has been helping me on my journey and I feel I have gained insights which will be important to me throughout my life."

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