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Anna M, London

"My business is now about much more than just doing the face-to-face delivery of my work; I allow for all the planning and the work that goes on behind the scenes to develop my business.

And I know I can actually do it! Lorna and I had a review session recently and it was a real Aha! moment to realise where I had got. My 2019 dream of having a business, being able to be at home more and meeting my financial goals is actually happening, and without making the sacrifices I’d expected!

Investing in the Flourish programme was 100% worth it! (I’d love to say 110% but there’s no such thing!)

I have the confidence to make changes, I don’t feel stuck, and my business is developing and not static anymore. It feels exciting and interesting and I’m enjoying it more and more. And I continue to work with Lorna.

In fact, I recommend Lorna so strongly, I have recommended her to a friend who runs her own business who has started working with Lorna too.”

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