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Anne H, Hampshire

“I was going through a very emotional and worrying time and I didn't feel my brain had the capacity to take on more information as I felt inches away from a breakdown. My husband persuaded me to see if Lorna could help me deal with 'overwhelm'.

lt's the best decision I made.  I suddenly felt more in control of me and able to deal with everything that had been worrying me.

​Coaching is a wonderful thing for everyone regardless of what your story is.

​Coaching has given me insight into who I really am, how I come across to others and, more importantly, how I deal with others.

​I couldn't recommend Lorna more as she listens, and really hears what you are saying. She has the remarkable ability to gently ask questions and then encourage you to challenge your thinking and perhaps make different decisions, hard as they can sometimes initially feel, that will have a more successful outcome.”

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