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Elizabeth T, Melbourne

“When I was introduced to Lorna I had just been made redundant and at just 56 felt I was on the heap. Lorna was so supportive, warm and easy to talk to, and from our very first session, I felt I could say anything in the safe and supportive space she provided. 

She helped me to turn my negative thinking around, see my experience and skills as assets and clear a path through the confusion by showing me how to identify my values, organise my thoughts and create realistic plans. With gentleness and humour, she kept me accountable and on track.

Lorna also helped me to complete and interpret my DISC profile, which provided a fascinating insight into what makes me tick and useful tips for improving my personal and business relationships.

Thanks to Lorna, I now understand myself better, have clear plans and feel so much more positive about myself and my prospects. You could say I've found my midlife mojo! I would highly recommend her to other women in midlife as she really understands the challenges we face and provides positive and practical support during what can be a lonely and confusing time.”

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