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Emma B, Cornwall

“I’ve had this negative unconscious script going on all my life, so now rather than thinking, “Oh, I'll fail, or things could go well but then I might screw up it all up”, I realise that the ball is in my court, and I don't have to screw it all up. I can make it work. I believe I can make it succeed.

In developing my business, there have been so many things to do that are outside of my comfort zone and that make me feel vulnerable. But I’ve learnt to stick with it, and I no longer compare myself to others in quite the same negative way. Now I’m even doing Facebook Lives and video workouts.

I feel much more positive than where I was before. The Flourish programme has helped me with grounding myself, finding myself and believing in myself.

I got sustenance from Lorna and feel fortified by the Flourish programme, and I now believe I can make my business a success.”

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