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Helena N, Isle of Wight

"The coaching has 100% been worth it.

Having invested in a coach, it really forces you to actually do it, both because you’re invested and because you’re being held to account.

I enjoyed the way you don’t click off at the end of a coaching session. Sometimes it takes a few days as things simmer in the back of your brain and suddenly the structure you were looking for just comes to you in the middle of an email to Aldi! It percolates and feels like it keeps going in between sessions because there are so many interesting questions to ask yourself.

I emptied my handbag of ideas on Lorna, and I got to bounce them around with someone who could help me structure them. And coaching has saved me a lot of time. The toolkit I now have will save me time for years to come.

My advice to anyone considering working with Lorna is to say ‘yes’!

You don’t need a fully formed plan, just the passion and drive and to know the kind of things you want to do. You don’t need it to be pre-wrapped in a pretty package to be taken seriously.

Starting with Lorna earlier on your journey is a good thing rather than halfway through so you won’t have to say ‘God, I wish I’d done this sooner!"

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