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Jo C, Somerset

“It's made a really big difference to how I see myself going forward with my business and with my personal life. For a long time, I would think about all these things, knowing that I had to do something, that change must come, but I was completely unable to make any change. 

I feel empowered because I’m not endlessly ruminating but doing nothing. I have the courage to follow through and take action. 

I feel like this has enabled me to cut the ropes that bind us up on our journey through life so that I can see who I really am, where I really am, make a true assessment and re-build things with a positive vision for my future. Flourish was an investment in myself. 

For a long, long time I didn’t consider I was worthy of that kind of investment. I thought of this kind of thing as an indulgence and very different from investing in my business. And I’m not just talking about the financial investment. For me to take the plunge was a big, big deal. And it has been 100% worth it."

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