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Kate H, Devon

“In starting my own business, I'd never been a situation where I've been completely on my own before. And it can be hard if you’re having a bad day or you're not sure about something and you don't really have anyone to talk it through with.
The right kind of support groups are not easy to come by, to be able to bounce ideas or ask questions. So it was really good to have Lorna’s coaching and the lovely ladies on the workshops who might be having an equally rubbish week or someone might be having a good week and that gives you a bit of a boost.
The Flourish programme is like a critical support network. You know you have people there to support you, but they aren't gonna let you get away with stuff. But in a nice way and objectively. You can ask yourself all those questions that need to be asked but you don’t get away with not answering them and I focus on the things that I need to do but might otherwise have avoided!"
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