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Lesley H, Cumbria

"I am confident to let go of aspects of the business that weren’t serving me or my clients.

And I am more comfortable in sharing my gifts and services with people, who I am, what I do and what I offer. For example, I’ve been proactively contacting existing clients and this has resulted in more business. And no one has said, ‘Stop pestering me!’

The business is healthier and I’m focusing on what I am passionate about, skilled and experienced in. I’m not trying to please everyone all of the time.

I have a clear plan for the next three months and I can assess whether it’s fulfilled and take the action that’s needed.

And I am scheduling and boundaried about my time, and this means I have more time for things outside of my business.

I find it very fulfilling and exciting collaborating with the people and organisations that I’m now working with.

I have more clients and I have the knowledge that I can create my business how I want it to be.

And I’ve also had improvements in my health because I’m not lying in bed worrying. I wake up with gratitude and excitement for the day ahead."

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