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Fired up and ready to make bigger waves within the design industry

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Fired up and ready to make bigger waves within the design industry

Jo had run her eco-friendly furniture design business for a few years, and in her own words,

“It was doing okay, but this big opportunity came along that would change the business. At the same time, I was feeling overwhelmed and that I was just going through the motions, feeling run down and starting to question if I was good enough.”

At this point Jo joined the Flourish programme to understand herself, her needs and make sure that the decisions she was making were the right decisions to move forward with confidence.

Following a deep dive of Jo’s values for her business, she realised that some of the decisions she was considering weren't right for her afterall.

“I didn’t know at the time, but when I started my business, it was totally aligned with my core values. Over time I had started to move away from them. During the coaching programme, I realised that changes I was looking to make within the business wasn’t the right direction in order to stay aligned with these values and now I feel much more confident and self-empowered to expand the business with clients who share my values.”

As part of the Flourish programme, Jo learnt about her DISC personality profile and became more aware of her strengths, but also how to use DISC to understand and communicate more effectively with others.

“I also understand the value that I can bring to my clients’ businesses, and I am now crystal clear in how I communicate that. I now feel much more confident collaborating with other professionals, with a better understanding of how my clients think and work.”

Another breakthrough moment happened for Jo when she understood that everything she thought, felt and did was a choice:

“It was a pivotal point for me when I realised I had free choice. I could choose how I felt and it’s not as easy as flipping a switch and I’m in the early stages, but it’s a technique to perfect. I do now choose to stop certain thoughts before they manifest into negative feelings. And so today I have become a much happier person.”

Jo also came to realise that her perfectionism was a key reason for feeling overwhelmed and stuck:

“I saw myself as a perfectionist, but always looking for perfection meant I wasn’t living the moment. Perfection isn’t achievable, and I don’t want to aspire to perfection anymore because it’s not realistic. Instead, I know I’m great at what I create and design, not perfect, but great!”

When it comes to her business now, Jo says,

“I have a lot more clarity, vision and control over how I run and develop my business. I am confidently making informed decisions about my business and am very clear about what success looks like for me. I'm really fired-up, excited and ready to propel my business into the future now and make a real change to my industry.”

And on a personal level, Jo says,

“I've become a happier mum, happier partner and a happier daughter. They've seen a change in me as well. So that's good. I like that.”

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