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I can’t believe I managed to do what I did! Life is coming back!

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Life is coming back!

Angela co-owns and runs a beauty brand business with a partner and worked in a school when she joined the Flourish programme. As is typical for many people working in education, she was overstretched and overwhelmed every day. Angela says,

“My job was a series of shocks to the system every day, all day, and I was carrying too much responsibility. I had been working like this for 6 years, but feel I was fortunate to have known a working life before this experience and knew it could be different. Many of my colleagues have worked like this for far longer and don’t know any different, which makes it harder for them to contemplate escape; it was hard enough for me!”

Angela wanted to continue working in an employed role, as well as running her business, but had very little time for life outside of work...

“I knew my world had got very small and I had so little time, I needed someone from outside to support me and I needed a new approach.”

The Flourish programme of coaching and workshops offered conversation, tools and mentoring with objective perspectives and new ideas, which particularly appealed to Angela.

“The very limited time I had meant I needed to be really focused and Lorna provided direction to help navigate my thinking efficiently. I had just been going round and round in my head.
I had set myself a goal of 3 years to make changes, but I realised that 3 years was too long, and I knew I would get the help I needed here. I felt supported, and it was empowering to know I wasn’t doing it all on my own.”

The standout elements of the Flourish programme for Angela helped give her a better understanding of herself...

“I found being listened to, being heard and having my words reflected back to me very useful. At one point Lorna repeated back to me what I’d said, ‘I could die here’. That was a shock hearing that. I hadn’t realised the seriousness of that. I hadn’t had time to listen to myself and Lorna gave me that.
Having the words to explain what you’re doing makes a difference; being able to put words to my thoughts, emotions and behaviour helped me see the patterns.
I could see my work situation for what it was: beyond my control and unfixable.
The DISC personally profile and understanding my core values helped me contemplate an alternative future. While the job was in alignment with my values, the tasks and the environment couldn’t have been less so on a daily basis. Everyone, me included, was trying to keep a happy face on for everyone else’s benefit, desperately not listening to the stress.”

Ironically, despite being so busy, Angela had been taking on some elements of extra schoolwork in her rare spare time, because these particular tasks ticked her core values and fulfilled her desire for control over something.

Angela has now left the school and is working in an educational organisation with a very different culture.

“I discovered that all the right things happened with speed and urgency when I put my focused energy into it, knowing what I wanted.
Now I feel I am working towards very similar goals as I’d intended in my last job – to support students - and living my values. I’m understanding what I can learn from my experience, and I will be helping teachers because I have a very close understanding of their experience where no-one is in a good position to help themselves.”

And what about Angela’s business?

“I am more relaxed and confident in how I communicate with my business partner, and we have agreed to redefine our business on a different footing, with better parameters and better boundaries.
My own wellbeing is reinforced and prioritised now. I am rediscovering who I am in the new world. When I am ready something else will happen.”

Overall, Angela says of herself...

“I understand myself better. I’ve learned I can create change. I feel confident about using my core values to direct my life. They really work. It’s not just my skills that are important. I used my core values to assess potential job descriptions.
It’s easier to think about what you don’t want, but I now switch this thinking to what I do want in all areas of my life and I have more satisfaction and pleasure. When you know what you’re aiming for it’s easier to hit it!”

Overall, Angela says of the Flourish programme...

“Signing up to the Flourish programme established my intention and my commitment. It was a message to myself that I was serious. I knew that something would happen. It can’t not. In absorbing different knowledge, you are not the same person, you are a changed thing. I knew the experience would trigger something and I was ready to do something.
I really liked that there were no particular expectations of me – other than to be accountable. My goals were mine to work out in my own way. I needed time to reflect and process and the programme was flexible to enable me to do that.”

Angela thinks the Flourish programme was ‘definitely a worthwhile investment’ of her time and money.

“I was very willing to apply what I was learning. There’s a magic that happens when you’re on the right path. It felt like Lorna had packed my lunch bag that I took with me and gave me a compass. I was nourished and didn’t get stuck in another spikey bush along the way!
I can’t believe I managed to leave the job! Life is coming back. I am still in shock and keep expecting awful things to happen in my new role. And they don’t. I’m finding my new work therapeutic!”

And Angela’s advice to others considering joining the Flourish programme is...

“Initially I did think ‘am I going to have the time to even put this programme into action?’ but even a small step in the right direction can eventually lead to profound change.
Sign up. Do it now! You will learn about yourself and gain tools and abilities to help you for the rest of your life and apply to everything.”

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Angela' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

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