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New business start-up: Finding my way, my way

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With so many possibilities, being clear about your destination and direction is essential

Adele is a project and programme manager and runs a successful business as a photographer on the side. Both logical and creative, and loving the autonomy that having your own business can bring you, Adele wanted to explore starting her own programme management consultancy.

In addition to applying her own learning from her business experience as a photographer, Adele says she joined the Flourish programme because:

“I wanted access to other business owners in the same boat, to understand what I needed to consider when starting up a new business like this, and support for making decisions. The set-up of the Flourish programme appealed to me as a safe space to discuss the issues I faced being a business owner in an open and honest way.”

Reflecting on her experience, and whether the Flourish programme of coaching and workshops had met her expectations, Adele says...

“I got great guidance and business advice around my approach to starting a business and planning for this, but I also got to look at me and my individual approach rather more than I expected. I’m not saying this in a negative way; the workshops provided an in-depth way of thinking about yourself, increasing your self-awareness, and I can totally see why and how this translates into my business.”

Adele found that Lorna's personalised approach was instrumental in her development:

“Lorna gets to really know you so that you come at your business development from an individual perspective. Lorna asks really relevant and useful questions. Each of the coaching sessions is really helpful and always really valuable.”

When discussing the most significant impacts of the Flourish programme, Adele highlighted four key areas:

“If I was to pick out the biggest impacts of the Flourish programme for me, the first would be the scenarios we worked through in the workshops and being surprised by what others were saying about their experiences - where they were similar to mine and different from mine - and their contributions to my thinking.
Another big impact was to understand what my core values are. Pinning these down was fascinating – I had not known how to articulate them before – and I can clearly see them now. I categorise my ways of working and my perspective on things through these values now. It’s really helped to give me clarity and a validation of the ways I see things.
A further big impact was increasing my self-awareness, which was particularly helpful when dealing with my inner critic, consciously working on weaknesses and maximizing my strengths.
And the other big impact was planning my transition from an employee to running my own business consultancy. I am thinking about my priorities and now strategically picking my roles and ways of working so that I can use what I am doing to shape my new business. So, in addition to thinking about what my internal clients are getting, I am thinking about what I and my future business are gaining from this experience.”

As Adele continues her journey, developing her ideas for her new business start-up, she says...

“I’ve been building real clarity around my approach. I have the confidence to know that I don’t need to rush. I am making the time to think it through, evolving my ideas and plans, doing my homework, learning the lessons that need to be learned to shape something worthwhile that I’m going to enjoy.”

In summary, Adele is very satisfied with the Flourish programme...

“The Flourish programme has definitely been worth it. I’ve got to know how I tick. I wouldn’t have known where to start otherwise. And it’s given me the principles to work on. I am continuing to work with Lorna and am focusing now on the things that might hold me back. I’m not there yet, but I now believe that I CAN do this.”

For anyone considering working with Lorna, Adele offers this piece of advice...

“For anyone considering the Flourish programme, I would say, take the opportunity!
Having one-to-one support is essential, especially with someone who is actually interested in and knowledgeable about what you are doing, when you are doing this alone. This gives you the tools, gives you a sounding board to float your ideas and identifies the gaps in what you need to be thinking about.”

To find out more about how Lorna Thomas / Be The Best You In Business coaching and mentoring could support you to increase your confidence and grow your business with clarity, focus and control, book a call...


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