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The cost of not knowing your values: career

Illustration of a woman playing golf in a beautiful setting by the sea
The cost of not knowing your values: career

Charlotte came to coaching because she was thinking about early retirement. She said she was OK with the idea of it, as she loves golf and it would give her more time to play. But she wanted to be sure.

We talked about her career and it emerged that Charlotte had a belief that she couldn’t see anything through, and she could provide quite a lot of evidence that this had been so for a long time.

So, we spent a coaching session exploring Charlotte’s values around work and learning and development to unearth her core and driving values.

Charlotte says: “This was such a ‘light bulb’ moment for me! I suddenly understood why I hadn’t stuck with so many work-related things. I was doing them for totally the wrong reasons and just wasn’t committed.
“And it had become a big deal that I couldn’t finish what I started; it was a kind of self-sabotage, to the point where I no longer discussed my ideas with friends and family because I dreaded their reactions.”

Much as she loves playing golf, Charlotte realised that she did not want to retire at all. Instead, we reviewed her ideas for new career directions in her life, putting each of them ‘under the microscope’ in the context of her core and driving values.

One career option ticked all her values and Charlotte is now enthusiastically retraining to acquire the new knowledge and skills she needs.

Charlotte says: “The difference this time is that I am convinced about this - how it will benefit me and others - and I have never worked so hard or enjoyed the learning so much.”

I have changed my client's name to protect her anonymity, but this is her real story and I have quoted her actual words. My sincere thanks to 'Charlotte' for generously allowing me to share her experience in this way.

One of the ways of prioritising when you are feeling overwhelmed is to understand your most important values - whether it’s for work, relationships, health or anything else that is making you feel stuck - is really important for your success and satisfaction.

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