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Rachael B, Kent

"Lorna made us question our entire business set-up, everything right down to the core of us. At one point we asked ourselves, ‘Are we doing the right thing? Should we be in business?’

But it was done in the gentlest of ways, Lorna didn't throw a stick of dynamite and then go pick up the pieces. It was more a case of looking at building the business brick by brick and then shuffle the bricks around and then we built a bigger and better business from that. 

And I think that was essential because we would have continued to chase the wrong clients for us and been creating something we didn’t want, whereas now we're excited every day to get out of bed and do it and meet our kind of people, hear their stories and grow their businesses in partnership with them.

The hardest thing is starting. And overthinking. Do not consider it a weakness that you need help in business. It shows more strength to put your hand up and say, ‘I need help’.

Just do it because what you're going to get back from the programme are the tools that are going to guide you for years to come – and I’m talking business and life skills. There are skills I’ve learned here that have changed my life. Just do it and DO IT!"

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