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I’m making the right decision for the right reasons

Illustration of a relaxed woman lying with her head on a pink pillow, having a facial massage
I’m making the right decision for the right reasons

Andrea had a tough decision to make. She is self-employed and loves her work, but it is very physical and for the sake of her medium to long-term health she needs a complete change. Lack of recognition for her high quality work by some clients has also taken its toll on her morale and confidence.

When she joined the Flourish programme, Andrea was stuck and undecided about what her next steps would be...

“I’d never done anything like the Flourish programme before, but I felt like I was at ground zero.
Talking to Lorna and the other women on the Flourish programme, learning about their stories, their decisions and indecisions was reassuring. Knowing I’m not the only one feeling like this really helped.”

Andrea had started one alternative business venture but had also been thinking about re-training in health and beauty therapies; something she’d felt passionate about many years before but had put on the backburner. The coaching and values discovery work helped bring clarity for her...

“Retraining was such a big thing to take on. I was feeling the pressure both financially and from a time point of view because of my health. I wanted reassurance and validation to know that my commitment to this was absolutely right.
I was able to quickly see this would be the right decision for me and my health, to help me work smarter not harder.”

Andrea uses many of the techniques she learned from the Flourish programme, and she says particular highlights include...

“I use my superwoman pose a lot and it makes me feel a lot happier when I’m struggling a bit, although I’m not brave enough to use it in public yet!
And I used to really be affected by what I thought others were thinking about me, and that they might laugh if I fail. But actually, I can’t fail because I’m trying, and the only failure is not doing it at all.
I have new positive ways of thinking about things, and this gives me different and better choices to make.”

And a standout Aha moment for Andrea was...

“Lorna and the other women’s examples of changing their careers in midlife. We can do these things! Girl power! And I thought, if they can, I can!”

Overall, Andrea says...

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and I’m not being put out to pasture because of my health any time soon!
I am a lot happier and more confident in myself, knowing I’m doing the right thing and that this is going to have a positive impact on my new clients in my new business. I will also get greater recognition for my work than I do in my current business. It feels like a win-win.”

Of the Flourish programme, Andrea says...

“It has definitely, without a doubt been worth my investment.
Lorna has a way of explaining things and helped me visualise my journey and understand how I think. I got to explore myself and be sure of myself. She helped me to problem solve and clear the pathway ahead.
The coaching and practical business advice gave me clarity and helped me structure what I needed to do.
If I hadn’t spoken to Lorna and the other women on the programme, I think I’d still be in a similar stuck place. Yet now I’m trained, loving every minute and very happy to know I can continue to work.”

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