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Small business owners: 3 steps to spring clean your work life and declutter for success

Ah, the joys of spring cleaning!

Photography of Lorna Thomas in front of her wardrobe, judging an item of clothing - can it stay or go?
Does this make me feel great?

I’m sure you’ve been there, sorting through your drawers, cupboards, and wardrobes, bidding farewell to those well-loved but worn-out garments, and making space for something fresh. But what about extending that same principle to your work life?

You're a busy small business owner, so this has got to be quick and effective, here are my 3 steps to spring clean your work life and declutter for success:

1. Decluttering for success

Just as we clear out the physical clutter from our homes, it's essential to tidy up your professional space as well. Think of your To-Do List, your cluttered desk, overflowing inbox, or chaotic schedule—they could all use a good spring cleaning too.

And what's the magic word for this decluttering process? It's simple: "no."

Saying 'no' doesn't mean being negative; it's about setting boundaries and prioritizing what truly adds value to your life and business. Just as you wouldn't hold onto clothes that don't make you feel great, why hold onto tasks or commitments that don't serve you?

So, this spring, embrace the power of 'no.' How many of those newsletters and promotional emails flooding your inbox do you actually read or find valuable? If they're not adding to your business or life, it's time to hit that unsubscribe button.

In curating my monthly newsletter, I am mindful of clutter. If you’re in my mailing list and my content isn't resonating with you, I encourage you to unsubscribe. It's not about ego; it's about ensuring that my message reaches those who genuinely want it and feel they benefit from it.

2. Streamline and simplify

Streamline your filing system. Even small changes here can make a big difference.

It could be having one place to put incoming paperwork, or setting a time to deal with it once a week or month and sticking with it. What about a tidy desk policy at the end each day.

Not such a small change, but I have finally gone digital with my bookkeeping. It has cut out a lot of manual bureaucracy which was never something I loved doing.

And carve out dedicated time in your schedule for creative work – at a time when you feel most creative, guarding it fiercely against distractions. I have a creative hour at the start of every day. I get to pick whatever takes my fancy to work on in that hour - within reason: it's still needs to be something on my work To Do List!

3. Empty your head

I think this could be the most important of my 3 steps for you... so, deep breath, going further...

What about what you watch and listen to? Do you fill your headspace with other people’s messages – podcasts, commercial radio, TV, and social media?

Do you treat your headspace as an incredibly valuable commodity or is it jammed with back-to-back STUFF that boils down to more clutter and distraction?

I stopped listening to the radio in the car. I stopped listening to podcasts on many of my dog walks. I need the space to think about nothing and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I have excellent ideas. Sometimes I can just be in the moment and feel calm.

What could you stop doing?

Remember, every unnecessary email, advertisement, or message from someone else is just noise - other people's agendas vying for your attention. By setting boundaries and decluttering your digital, physical, and mental space, you reclaim control over your time and your focus.

As a creative small business owner, if you need support in implementing more boundaries or tackling other clutter and distractions in your work life, don't hesitate to reach out and contact me.

However you do it, this spring create a workspace that fosters your productivity, creativity, and well-being.

And here's to a blooming marvellous spring, both personally and professionally!



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